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Consumer Reports
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The following reports are either submitted by you, the local consumers, or through Mall personnel out shopping with their family. In some cases we will go out to investigate local area businesses listed on the Mall in order to provide you with Second Opinions about a business listed here at Norwood Mall .com
06/25/98    Shopping For A Computer?   
12/20/98    Sony SPPSS955 Cordless Phone  
12/21/98    Computers UNDER $1,000 
12/28/98    Surfing for Digital Cameras?
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 06/25/98   Normall Goes Shopping For A Computer  
      With a blank check in his hand, one of our Technocrats went shopping.  Our first stop was Westwood.  The store was well stocked, their prices prominently displayed, and adequate sales personnel for their size, un-like one area Super Chain Store who shall remain nameless (starts with an S... ends with a taples.)  The salesman was very helpful and quick with the  $$ totals off the cash register as we priced an average clone.  
      Maybe it was the way he asked me for my website address after I told him about "Norwood Mall.com."  Maybe it was the way he kept reaching for that cash register...  
      Next stop... Randolph.  Lets just say, (without saying it) we saved $100.00 a mile....  

      Our Computer Shop PICK OF THE WEEK:  Signature Computers  
                                                                             1137 North Main Street  
                                                                             Randolph, MA. 02368  
      You can call them at 1-781-961-6710.  
      Or visit their website:  WWW. SIGNATURE COMPUTERS.com  
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12/21/98   Sony SPPSS955 Cordless Phone  
      Subj:  In Houston Texas, not California  
      Date: 12/21/98 4:32:06 PM Eastern Standard Time  
      From: 110130@parsons.com (Greg Lamberson)  
      To: ConsumerReports@NorwoodMall.com  

      Some consumer information:  
      Sony SPPSS955 Cordless Phone, from Circuit City, Houston  

      I did look forward to buying this 'perfect all that I wanted' phone - cordless, digital spectrum spread, speaker phone, and second key pad in base set. But unfortunately, even with a name like SONY,...  

      1. The hand piece could not be heard most of the time.  

      2. It has very poor volume control (pgm button), and very poor location, as when you are using the phone, it is impossible to increase the volume, or change it, without moving the phone from the ear. This means telling the other party to 'hold on' until the volume it right. Also with the 3 or 4 level control it is difficult to know where the volume is - high, medium or low.  

      3. The red light on the handset is very weak, and in a bright room it is not easily visible. So the phone can remain "on", after a conversation, so there would be a busy signal for other callers. Perhaps a brighter green light to show it is "on" would be better.  

      With all these shortcomings, I am returning the phone to Circuit City, for a refund. I did look forward to using this "perfect all that I wanted" phone. Now I'll try another, perhaps PANASONIC or CASIO or UNIDEN, with similar features.  

      Regards, and  

      Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year  

      Shiv Anand,  
      Note: Thank you Greg for this information. You can find the phone Not to buy at  
      CiruitCity.com    Product: Sony SPPSS955 Cordless Phone  
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12/21/98     Computers for less than $1,000? And The Winner Is...  
      We decided to do a search on-line for computers using Cyber411 that sold for less than this target price and see what we could come up with.  
      CompUSA lead the pack with several computers under this price.  
      Next in line we found Compaq Direct had several good computers to offer including the Compaq Presario which we use here at Mall Central to design and publish NorwoodMall.com.  
      AND THE WINNER IS......Outpost.com  

      We actually found A Blizzard of PC's Under $1000! at Outpost.com  They had PC's at the best prices. Happy shopping and we hope this helps you find these products you need.  
      *** Remember. Prices may change weekly, so use these links to compare prices. ***  
      Every week someone is lowering the prices to out do their competition...  
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    Protect your family and your assets...
12/29/98     Surfing for Digital Cameras? Check this out...  
      It pays to Surf the Internet for Consumer Information as you must know or you wouldn't be here reading this information. When we edited this page to include Greg's report on the Sony SPPSS955 Cordless Phone, we found this page had escaped our "Hits Counter" reports script. Since including the Hit Counter I must say I am amazed at the number of hits this page has been receiving.  
      If you have the time please drop us a line and tell us what you think: Feedback.  
      We visited local camera stores and found that although many have great service, and product knowledge, they were over priced when compared the your average Computer Chain Store, or On-Line Shopping Services. So we decided to do some on-line surfing to see just how over priced they were. Without directly comparing them on-line, we will just give you the links to the information we found.  
      This website was the best On-Line Price Guide we found. Check out this website if it's Digital Cameras you are looking to purchase: DigiCamPage.com  
      I can report to you on the Toshiba PDR-5, which I purchased from CompUSA for $180.00.  
      I returned it after a week because the view screen on the back is just too dark to be of any use other than to pre-maturely drain your $10.00 battery. Although it did have an optical viewer for taking pictures, a great advantage over some which only offer the digital screen viewer on the back. The cost of the special batteries also made it a financial burden, rather a savings over conventional chemical film cameras.  
      A little wiser from this, I make the following suggestions:  
      1> Do not purchase a product from local Camera shops, they cannot compete with the purchasing power of the "Big Guys."  
      2> When you do deiced to purchase a digital camera, shop around. I recommend checking out CompUSA Stores in your area. They recently purchased Computer City and many stores are just looking to get rid of the stock they "inherited" from Computer City. Talk to the Retail Managers for the best deals, and make sure of the return policy when you make these "deals."  
      NOTE: If you live within our market area, i.e.: Boston, MA., Check out Comp USA in Braintree, off Rt. 3. Talk to their Retail Manager for unadvertised deals on "overstock."  
      3> Make sure the camera has an optical view finder, and takes standard conventional batteries. This will make the Digital Camera easier to use and the cost worth the price over chemical versions.  
      4> Also purchase the AC/DC adapter. The greatest drain on the batteries comes when you go to download the pictures to your PC.  
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Before you go, take a look around the Mall. Hang out with us for more information about the Internet and all it has to offer. Norwood Mall.com is a "Starting Point" Portal Website for your Internet surfing pleasure. You will find some very interesting Websites featured monthly in our on-line newsletter, "SURF's UP!" HAPPY SHOPPING from all of us at  
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