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Updated: Dec 02, 2000
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SURF's Up at Norwood
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    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... and Norwood Mall would like to wish all our visitors the best for the Season and the coming New Year. This month Surf's Up features websites to help you enjoy the Christmas spirit while you surf the Internet.  
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2001 WEBSITES: $19.95/mo
   Start the year off right by placing your business on the Internet. Join the 21st century now..Why wait.. There are over 50 million people world-wide on the internet. Call (781)-762-9447 today. 
Take the Basic Tour: CLICK HERE. 
Santa's Official Website!!! 
"Santa's Coming, Santa's coming!"
    If you are a LOCAL MERCHANT,  don't wait until  DEC. 25th  to decide you want a Web Site for the Christmas Season.  We are already building new websites for the busiest time of the year.   
Read our Mission Statement. 
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   Norwood Mall is looking for community members to become more involved in the creative elements of our website. If you would like to become a contributor, E-mail us, or fill out any Feedback form and let us know. 
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 What to do with those AOL CD's 
That litter your computer desk draws?
     Just in time for Christmas we have the ultimate website that features how to make use of the bizzillion AOL CD's you received this year.  Along with a few Anti-AOL websites for good measure, Nikki @ has a Christmas crafts page you won't forget. Click Here. 
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Today's Cartoon
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Hint #1
   Our mailing list of "Citizens" is growing every day. If your not already on the mailing list, fill out one of the  Feedback Forms. While your at it, sign up for our SCAVENGER HUNT. We will begin when we have 100 registered players. Forms have been coming in fast the last few days. Hint: Have you seen Elvis lately?  Click Here 
   Our LOBBY is getting more hits than all our other pages combined between the hours of 5:30 AM and 9:00 AM as more and more of our guests take up residency and become full fledged Citizens by making our NEWS STAND the OPENING PAGE to their browsers.   
America's Top Psychic Readers
Psychic World Network
Free Horoscopes, Lucky Numbers 
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& Live Psychic Readings 
Billed To Your Home Phone 
1 (900) 420-4200 
Call Extension # 1364 Now 
You get E-Mail telling you when  
It's Your Turn. 
Adventures of a Psychic : 
The Fascinating Inspiring True-Life Story of One of America's Most Successful Clairvoyants

   On our LINKS PAGE are many helpful websites to get you started on your way to building nice HOME PAGES of your own. HTML For The World Wide Web is  the first book to read for future Webmasters. This book will help keep you from making basic mistakes. 
     Getting  your own Domain name is the first step. You can have a real web address, forwarded to your home page for as little as $35 per year. Click this banner to register your own domain name.

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Norwood Mall Annex

Make Norwood Your Home Page

HTML 4 for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide 

   This month we will highlight Live Cameras from all over the world. How is England's Millennium Dome construction  coming along? Or are the the Watering Holes in Africa busy this time of year? If you know of any interesting World Cameras, drop us a line via E-mail. 

World Cameras: Denmark, France, Thames River,UK 
USA: South Beach, FLA., Pocono Mountains, Sharks-Wakiki, HA. 

World-Famous Sheraton Fallsview Falls Cam
Virtual African Safari
Visit Norwood Mall's Book Store
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   This month we are highlighting Science Fiction Books, and Post-Mellinium books. If you enjoy reading Sci-Fi, you will find a new book to read. Just CLICK HERE to go right into the Book Store.
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Have you ever wanted to be a "Roadie"? 
for your favorite band? Check out CDNOW's Honorary Roadie Sweepstakes.  Featured Music: R.E.M., Beck, U2, Alanis, John Lennon,   
Big Jim's
World Famous
UFO Website
Go on inside and Surf the Mall

    Go on into the MALL and start your journey into the Internet off right. The Mall Indexes are links to Neponset Valley Websites. Cruise through the Alphabetical Index. Every page has a special interest website featured at the top for you to SURF. Everything from The Three Stooges, Art Galleries, and Screen Savers, to free downloads including Internet Explorer 5.0.. 

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